Onestop and J&D Pierce Flying High at Gatwick Airport

Onestop Access have two of our JLG1350’s working on the new £88m Boeing Aircraft Hangar at Gatwick Airport. The machines, supplied to our customer J&D Pierce, are being used to erect the steel framework.

The overall 14-month project will involve both the building and civils teams and will see the cut and fill of 20,000m³ of earth, 3,200 tonnes of steel lifted and over 10,000m³ of concrete cast, all only a short distance from the busy runway.

Standing at 32m, the high bay hangar allows flexibility of use, with the ability to house multiple aircrafts from the Boeing fleet, ranging from the 737Max jet, to its newest and largest edition, the 777X Dreamliner. It will be around 140m wide across the hangar door front.

The project also includes offices, apron and taxiway connection, perimeter roads and service yards within the airside environment, along with the diversion of the existing Larkins Road.