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Ladder Association Training

Ladders and stepladders can be a sensible and practical option for low-risk, short-duration tasks.

It is estimated that over a million businesses and 10 million workers carry out some form of work at height every year (Source: APPG Inquiry Report). 

Ladders and stepladders are the most commonly used method of working at height for a wide range of tasks at work and at home, but unfortunately they are often the most misused because they appear so simple that people assume there is not much to know.

As an approved Ladder Association training centre we offer the full range of Ladder and Stepladder User, Manager, Inspection and Steps/Step Stools courses to give you the information and knowledge you need to stay safe when using ladders and prevent falls.

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Ladders & Stepladders for Users

1/2 Day

If you use ladders and stepladders, this course is for you! You’ll learn when it’s right to use a ladder (and when it’s not), and how to use, store and handle them safely.

  • Know when to use a ladder
  • Know how to select, use and inspect (pre-use) ladders
  • Learn how to store, transport and maintain ladders


Ladders & Stepladders Inspection

1/2 Day

Employers need to ensure ladders are in a safe condition before use, and that regular inspections are carried out by a competent person. This course is designed for any person whose duty it is to inspect and maintain ladders at work.

  • What to look AT
  • What to look FOR
  • What to DO if you find a fault



Ladders & Stepladders Combined Use & Inspection


This full day course brings together the guidance on safe use of ladders and stepladders, with an additional module on ladder inspection, and is designed for any person whose duty it is to use, formally inspect and maintain ladders at work.

  • How to SELECT a ladder
  • How to INSPECT a ladder
  • How to USE a ladder safely


Ladders & Stepladders for Managers

1 Day

How can you manage ladder use properly if you don’t know what ‘good’ looks like? This course has been specifically developed for managers and supervisors to help you properly plan and organise work at height using ladders and stepladders.

  • Specifically for Managers
  • Keep your workers safe
  • Meet your legal obligations



Stepladders & Stepstools for Users.

1/2 Day

This course is suitable for users of stepladders and step stools in places like shops, offices, schools, libraries and the healthcare sector.

  • Now a half day course
  • More product detail
  • Updated product standards


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